In order for you to have a better idea of my services I invite you to read this section. If you have a question that you did not find in the list please do not hesitate to contact me.

1-      What is Dating and Relationship Coaching?

It is a personalized support on a specific period (usually no more than 3 months) during which we identify together the obstacles that prevent you from being happy and/or successful in love. We work with the best proven methods to help you clear or surpass these barriers with the goal to bring you to achieve complete fulfilment and happiness in your love life.

2-      Who can benefit from your services?

I work mostly with women, single or already in a relationship, who are motivated and ready to trust me and are decided to take concrete actions to achieve their goals of being happy in their love life.

3-      Who are the clients with whom you prefer not to work?

My services are not beneficial to arrogant and/or presumptuous woman, or to those who are not mentally ready to take the necessary actions to reach their goals. I also do not work with a woman with whom I don’t share the same values.

4-      What is a “strategic consultation”?

It is our mandatory first session, completely free, during which we go through a form (questionnaire) in order for me to have a better idea of the challenges that you are facing. This session allows me to assess your motivation to seek help and support and it also helps us determine if there is a good (fit) connection between us and if we will have fun working together.

5-      What makes you a good Coach?

My success is due to the fact that besides extensive studies in life and relationship coaching, I have the ability to quickly understand my clients since I have been through most of their difficulties which also gives me the advantage of being able to show them the best strategies to find the appropriate solutions. I love my work and I thank the Universe every day for giving me the opportunity to help so many women.

6-      What do you conduct most of your session by phone?

It has been proven over the years that the benefits are the same whether consultations happen in person or over the phone. This is also why more and more Coaches are turning to phone sessions. Moreover, it is an effective way to maximize our time. I also work with women outside of Montreal and in the United States, and it has no impact on the results they are able to achieve through our phone sessions.

7-      Is it possible to work with you in person?

Yes it is. My clients have the choice, to come to my home/office if they want.

8-      Aren’t your services a bit expensive?

I do respect your opinion; however I have different packages for all type of budgets. Also it depends on the value you consider your happiness to be. In my opinion, some achievements are priceless. I consider my fees as an investment that you decide to do on yourself and your wellbeing. I can only guarantee you that you will never regret it.

9-   What behaviour/attitude that could have you put an end to our contract?

My clients are very important to me and it’s thanks to them that I have the opportunity to accomplish my work mission on a daily basis. But, I will not continue working with a client who would:

– Always be negative and would try to blame me if she does not achieve her results

– Not pay me on time

– Not respect the time that is allocated to her

– Regularly change our schedule

– Always find excuses not to do her self improvement exercises

– Not progress because of her lack of commitment or who would not take the program seriously

– Have no spirituality or would not be willing to develop this side in her (spirituality has nothing to do with religion)

10-   Are you available to speak at my women conference or event?

Absolutely, I am also a speaker and I would be honoured to participate in your event if we share similar values. Call me and it will my pleasure to discuss with you.

11-   Would you be interested in partnering?

If we share the same values, and I believe in your services it may be a possibility. Call me to discuss.