3- hour empowering workshop for single men and women only

“Stop sabotaging your love life”

From failing at love to falling in love



Date: Wednesday August 12, 2015

Time: From 6:00 pm until 9:00 pm



Why are you still single?

Find out how and why you may be sabotaging your love life.

The truth can be totally unexpected, but oh so liberating.

Listen to surprising new concepts and ideas and quickly achieve the following benefits:

  • Discover why and how you are capable of creating the love life of your dream
  • Gain crystal clear understanding of what is blocking a loving and committed partner to enter your life (You’ve probably never heard of this before)
  • Uncover hidden challenges that may be sabotaging your success with dating
  • Leave the workshop completely renewed, re-energized and inspired to finally find true love

You know you’ve heard, read or done everything… But wait until you participate in this workshop. Just like others before, you may find the missing link to finally achieve success in love.


What is Abc Seduction

Abc Seduction is a “success in love” oriented coaching business mostly for singles, to help them achieve the love life of their dream, even when they no longer believe it to be possible.

The owner Régine Coicou, is a life coach with specific training in relationship and dating coaching with the Relationship Coaching Institute (RCI). She also is a member of RCI and as such, she has access to a full range of tools and material to better serve her clients and help them achieve their goals faster.

She also is an author, a speaker and serves as a board member for “La Clé des Champs” an organization helping people cope with mental illness and severe anxiety issues.

Régine is known for her kindness, dedication and for her aptitude to bring her clients to clearly set their objectives, take inspired actions and stay motivated until they reach satisfaction.

She sincerely believes that everyone can find his (her) other half, and be seductive, charming and attractive in everyday’s life. She takes pleasure in also showing them how to develop the right attitude and turn it into a lifestyle that leads to happiness and success not only in love but also in every area of their lives.