10 steps to manage hidden blockages

10 steps to manage hidden blockages


Unknown or hidden blockages in our life in general, and in our love life in particular, always have the same consequences.

Unfulfilled desires and serious frustrations

Until we are able to discover what they are, also to face and then start addressing them, chances are we will keep on getting failures after failures, disappointments after disappointments.

It does happen for some people who are into self-development that they realize that consistency in failures is not something “normal”. With their knowledge, they are sometimes capable to realize what has been keeping them from achieving their desires and to start the necessary work in order to solve whatever it is, on their own.

Even if it’s a lengthy process, when trying to figure it out alone, one can still obtain positive results if focused and determined.

Others have no clue that they might have hidden blockages and they would not know what to do, where and how to start. Therefore, they keep on doing the same things, making the same mistakes and obtaining the same negative results in areas of their lives where they need and want things to change and improve.

Failures and disappointments are put on our path to help us grow, and instead of being discouraged and hopeless with the situation, we should do our best to understand the lesson there is to learn which eventually can lead to rewards that far exceed our expectations.

However, when failures happen over and over, month after month, year after year, it should have been obvious for anyone going through these difficult moments that some hidden issues might be the cause and need to be addressed.

Without proper identification and effective resolution of this blockages, the person who keeps on getting negative results and sometimes painful experiences when trying to achieve a dream, besides being discouraged, can even fall into a deep state of despair.

Whereas, the outcome could have been way different, if the person had seek appropriate help through self-development work like reading books, watching videos and/or by simply seeing a professional.

Today I want to share with you 10 easy steps and key questions that can help you progress in your journey. It can be used in different areas of your life but since I am a love expert, I will focus on what I know best.

  1. Identify the aspect of your life in which you want to achieve something or see improvement but where you keep on getting frustrations. Like I was saying, in this case I will focus on love and pretend I was talking to a woman who has been through many heartbreaks.
  2. What are you doing repeatedly (example: always choosing the wrong partner)?
  3. What do these men have in common (example: they are not ready for a serious relationship)
  4. What usually attracts you to a man? Is it an attitude, a characteristic, his look, his life situation?
  5. Why? What is the “need” that you want this guy to fulfill in your life?
  6. If you reflect on your answers, is it really what you wish and what you need?
  7. What are the 20 most important characteristics that you are looking for in an ideal partner?
  8. When you think about this man, do you feel that you “deserve” to have such a great person in your life? What is your inner dialogue on the subject?
  9. Now that you’ve answered some important questions about your love life, take some time to write exactly how you would like it to be, as if the sky was the limit. Write as if you were writing a fairy tale, your fairy tale (one that makes sense in this actual world :)). It is essential to emphasize your feelings. How you would like your partner to treat you, how you would want to FEEL in this relationship. Write your story at the present tense.
  10. You don’t need to believe it at first. Simply read it out loud in the morning and once more at night before going to bed (for better results I suggest to my clients that they do it in front of the mirror). My “prescription” is that you do it for 40 days in a row. Simply do it and see miracles start to happen.

The key phrase “you do not need to believe it at first – you do not need to believe me”. Since you have nothing to lose dare yourself, take the bet and do it.

Success rate, if done properly is 95%.

How this exercise works is very simple and scientifically proven. Your subconscious mind listens to a totally new message. With time and consistency, it begins to believe and feel familiar with the message; it becomes more receptive to what it says, and as a result, relevant situations, circumstances and people will start appearing into your life in order for your dream to realize.

Your inner blockages get less and less. Some will persist, but they will not be “strong” enough to prevent your wish to happen.

This example is pertinent to one’s love life. The same process applies to any other area of your life.

What would be your motivation to try this? The simple desire to see a dream come true and to get out of the vicious circle of disappointments and failures.

What would be the reason NOT to try this? A defeatist attitude, a tendency to believe things don’t work, without even trying them first.

What does it require? Discipline, open attitude, strong will of a better life.

What is the percentage of people reading this who will actually try it and complete it? 2%

Make yourself the promise to be part of this small group of people. If you want to share your progress or discouragement with me, it will be my pleasure to help you.

How do I know it works? Because I have experienced it personally. Now it’s your turn.