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Hello Ladies,

Do you know the difference between an Emotionally Mature Man and an immature one?

You must have been dating different men whom you thought were interesting enough for you to explore the relationship further, only to realize a few weeks or months later that he could not deliver when it comes to relationships. After numerous disappointing experiences, are you now able to tell what a mature man, who is emotionally stable looks like?

First, you need to know the difference between an emotionally mature and immature man.

An emotionally immature man, when faces with some crisis in his life, completely withdraw without warning. He is unable to face the issues at hand, and the feelings that come with them. He isolates himself from the people who love him, hoping to make the problem go away instead of allowing them to support him.

On the other hand, when confronted with the same type of issues, the emotionally mature man, will still feel the pain, and might pull back a bit on a lot of things in his life, but he will never shut the woman he loves out of his life.

On the contrary, he is willing to make the effort to share his feelings with her and more importantly, he can allow her to see him weak and vulnerable. He knows that he can trust her, and he is going to stay close and loving. He will not, despite being tempted to act like a man, shut down and go in isolation mode. He is suffering, but he is sensitive enough to know that acting like that would make the woman in his life suffer as well. He cares about the relationship and would feel more lost and miserable without her.

Next time, I will share with you some tips on how to quickly assess a man’s emotional maturity and avoid more relationship disappointments with immature men.

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