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Hello again Ladies!

As promised, I want to share with you 3 signs to look for in a man to know if he is emotionally mature or if he is not worth your time and interest:

1-      His friends. It has been said many times that you can guess the real personality of a person by the type of people this person is hanging out with.  If his buddies are all single, always ready to party and don’t keep long term relationship, I am not saying that he himself cannot be different, but you better be careful, and wait for him to really show his interest before investing yourself in the relationship. Chances are, he might really like you, but not be mature enough to separate himself from his friends and give the relationship (you) the chance that it deserves.

2-      His attitude toward work, his colleagues and his boss. Is he the kind of man who always complains about what is happening at work? He cannot tolerate his boss and his colleagues never seem to know what they are doing. If an idea does not come from him, it automatically is not good and will not work. He refutes any kind of criticism and always acts as if he is the eternal victim of whatever conspiracy? He is always right and is the only one who knows what is best for the company. You may think that his attitude, being work related has nothing to do with you or the relationship, unfortunately, if a man has such negative attitude it will sooner or later show in his behaviour with you. At the beginning it may not really matter but as the relationship evolves, you will find it really difficult to deal with someone who is completely closed to other people’s opinion and having any discussion with him may turn out to be a real ordeal.

3-      His interaction with his family. Is he a mama’s boy? Or on the contrary he does not get along with his parents. In both situations, there may be troubles at the horizon. If his mom is always right, and she is the only one to know how to do everything, you don’t have many choices: Either you get very close with the mom and don’t even try to compete with her *:) happy or, if you are unable to accept the situation, you quit the relationship. Your biggest mistake would be to expect that circumstances would change with time. If on the contrary, he is completely estranged with his family, does not talk to his brothers or sisters, is rude when addressing his parents or talking about them, unless he was an abused child and has good reasons to act the way he does (he should probably have seek professional help) you cannot expect to be treated any differently in the future. Once the honeymoon is over, chances are that he may have the same attitude in your home. Also, it might be very difficult for him to accept your family or a close relationship between you and your parents and/or siblings. He will not understand your love, respect and attention for them.

I invite you to pay close attention to your date’s behaviour in all three above situations. The sooner you are able to assess his emotional maturity, the better. However promising the relationship may look like, you don’t want to live your life dealing with an immature man.

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