3 Key Attitudes To Keep His Interest

Last week I was having a discussion with a single friend of mine on what a woman should possess to make a man fall in love with her, and why some women are naturally and effortlessness attractive to men. I’ve decided to share my thoughts with other women who could be interested by this topic.

Like I was telling my friend, if we consider all the personality types in men and women, it is obvious that what attracts one to another varies considerably from one person to another.

However, after more than 20 years of personal experience in my own relationships with men, or my coaching sessions with women, or books that I read on the subject, I have found that most guys are attracted to women, whom, whatever their personality type, are a combination of these following traits:

  • Strong
  • Affectionate
  • Independent

Of course a good dose of sense of humour or self derision, mixed with a positive attitude in life will only make you more interesting and attractive to men.

Too often, a woman will either be:

  • too sweet and affectionate; which removes all zest in the relationship, or
  • too strong; which can make her appear very authoritative and even intimidating, or
  • too independent; which usually creates a feeling of uncertainty in a man because he is under the impression that you don’t need him in your life, or
  • the contrary, not independent enough; which leads to the common painful situation of clinginess or affective dependence that is usually perceived as very unattractive by the opposite sex.

Just like everything else in life requires balance, it is also important in this context to find the right “dosage” for the combination of these 3 characteristics. With a right blend of strength, affection, and independence, most men who are emotionally mature and ready for a relationship will want to do their best to please you and to keep you in their life.

Your strength will show him that you know what you want in life, that you don’t settle for less, that you are self confident and that you can face challenges and are dependable.

Being affectionate or sweet is what is going to make him feel important, what is going to drive him crazy in love and what will make him want to fetch the moon for you.

Finally, your independence will keep a man on his toes. It shows him that despite the fact that he is important to you, you have a life apart from him, that you can take care of yourself and that he is not responsible for your happiness.

What about you, do you possess these key attitudes? Are you able to find the right balance to enjoy a great relationship and have your man completely in love with you?

This article was also published in Eligible Magazine and can be accessed here

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