10 successful attitudes of single people

Singles whom have had the opportunity to do some self-development work to identify what they want in their life and the qualities that they are looking for in their significant other, also achieve self confidence and grow a sense of anticipation toward their future. They adopt the following winning attitudes, which invariably lead them to success and accomplishment of their dreams:

1-      I am happy to have goals in my life

2-      I live in the present moment

3-      I love, accept and trust myself

4-      When dating, I focus on connecting, not results; Everything will happen the way it is supposed to

5-      I am authentic, fully honest with myself and others, aligning my words, values and action

6-      I live my life with intentionality, making choices conscious of my goals and consequences

7-      I take risks, overcome my fears and stretch my comfort level to reach my goals

8-      I practice the law of abundance. I believe that all the opportunities and resources that I need will appear

9-      I take responsibility for my outcomes by taking initiative in my life and relationships

10-   What others judge about me is about them; I let go of what others think and do not take it personally.